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Bay Cities Furnace & Air Conditioning - Pacific Palisades, CA

Air Conditioning Repairs in Pacific Palisades, California

When Pacific Palisades needs fast air conditioning service or quality heater repairs, Bay Cities Furnace & Air Conditioning is the full-service Air Conditioner Contractor of choice. Distinguished from many HVAC companies by our experience and customer service, our licensed heating and cooling technicians provide service for:

Heating repair

Furnace replacement or repair

Emergency A/C repairs or replacements

A Pacific Palisades heating contractor must have the training and modern technology to repair the various air conditioning systems of our area. From installing ductless air conditioners to cool off  local offices in an effective fashion, to repairing the gas furnaces of vintage homes, our local A/C services are guaranteed.

Our guaranteed HVAC repairs will restore indoor comfort to your home or business. The increased energy efficiency from a properly serviced commercial air conditioner may also result in lower utility bills, which adds to your bottom line. 

Our certified and highly trained technicians are up to date on all the new technologies that have come along in our industry. We only provide needed services such as refrigerant replacement and  thermostat maintenance while striving for one call resolution.

If it’s a home air conditioning repair or maybe a commercial furnace repair, Bay Cities Furnace & Air Conditioning has the staff and resources to affordably fix the problem the first time.

For  scheduled or emergency service to your central air conditioner or water heater repairs, please call Bay Cities Furnace & Air Conditioning at (310) 956-1938.

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